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Nationalist units
Republican units

Combat Mission is a tactical simulation of World War II from Battlefront. Actually, Combat Mission refers to three different games: Combat Mission Beyond Overlord (CMBO), Combat Mission Barbarrosa to Berlin (CMBO), and Combat Mission Afrika Corps (CMAK). Although CMSCW could be partially used to modify CMAK or CMBO, it is especifically designed to CMBB. There are two main reasons to choose CMBB:

  • The armament in CMBB is closer to the armament used in the SCW than in the other games.
  • There are more units to modifiy. This is very recomendable due to the high diversity of units fighting in the SCW: moroccan, requetés, falangists, international brigades, etc.

On the contrary, CMAK offers a look that resembles better the Spanish environment (excluding the North strip). Vineyards, for instance, are very common in Spain, and they exist only in CMAK. Nevertheless, there are some excellent mods out there to endow CMBB terrain with a more appropriate look: the mod from Operation Storfang (OSF) is a good example. The OSF mod can be downloaded from the Combat Mission Mods Database (CMMODS), search "OSF" or use this direct link (remember you have to be logged in to download files from CMMODS)

The information on the CMSCW modification is divided in two sections, one for the Nationalist and the other for the Republicans

The Mod includes also the flags and hidden unit icons