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Herein you can obtain information and download files related to some battles and scenarios based on the Spanish Civil War, and sorted according to the battle or campaign they belong to.

Some of these scenarios have been designed having in mind the SCW mod, while others just existed previously. Some of them are actually CMAK, so they cannot be adapted for the mod unless previously converted into CMBB. Luckily, there is a tool out there that may do the work for us, the extremely useful Map Converter, by Mr. Pyewacket. Unfortunately, I have many had problems using this tool due to incompatibilities with my graphic card, so any help for converting scenarios is highly welcome. The following annotation key will be used:

  • [SCW]: Scenario fully compatible with the SCW mod, either by design or by adaptation.
  • [BB]: Scenario created for CMBB, not specifically designed for the SCW mod. I will use extra modifiers to indicate whether an scenario seems looks easy to adapt for the mod (+) or not (-)
  • [AK]: Scenario created for CMAK

Some scenarios are fictional or barely inspired in real events, while others aim at being accurate representations of a particular episode. However, since this is not possible to mofidy the OOBs in CMBB, the emphasis in realism have mainly focused on the maps. In particular, a thorough methodology has been developed based on the use of topographic maps, digital terrain elevation models and ortophotographies. This methodology could not have been applied withouth the excellent Mapping Mission tool, by Leland Tankersley. More information on this methodlogy can be found in this tutorial (Spanish only). I will use the following annotation keys:

  • (F): Fictional
  • (SH): Semi-Historical
  • (H): Historical
  • (H+): Historical with accurate map

First months: Andalucia, Extremadura, Toledo, Aragon

Battle of Madrid & La Coruña Road

Battles for the Basque Country

Battle of the Jarama River

  • La Marañona
  • Puente Pindoque
  • Mal día para von Thoma (Von Thoma meets Paulov)
  • Suicide Hill

Battle of Brunete

Battle of Guadalajara


Battle of Teruel

  • Seseña
  • Teruel

Battle of the Ebro river

  • Quatre Camins. Nationalist assault against Republican fortified positions. Battle of the Ebro, August 19, 1938.
  • Flix. Republican assault through the Ebro river. Battle of the Ebro, July 25, 1938.
  • Villalba dels Arcs. Republican attempts to occupy Villalba dels Arcs. Battle of the Ebro, July 26-28, 1938
  • Ascó
  • Mora
  • Pándols
  • El Grano
  • La Colina de la Muerte
  • Churubusco [AK], by Hans (SH)